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  • Longer Tenure
  • Competitive Rate
  • No/Limited Collateral





  • Risk analytics based
    on future cash flows and past academic
  • Multiple repayment options
    best suited to needs of the student & family



  • Established
    partnerships with companies that complement the education
    sector (Amber Housing, Centrum, Future
    Generali, Amazon India)
  • First lender in India to provide refinancing
    loan option to Indian students

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Why InCred?

Product Benefits

  • A human approach to lending
  • Respectful and caring
  • World class customer service

Customer Focused

  • A human approach to lending
  • Respectful and caring
  • World class customer service

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  • A human approach to lending
  • Respectful and caring
  • World class customer service

Product FAQs

Who Is Eligible To Apply For An InCred Education Loan?

Citizens of India/Indian passport holders currently enrolled or planning to enroll in an eligible course can apply.

The co-signer must also be an Indian national or passport holder.

Non Resident Indians (NRIs) with an Indian passport or with an Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) or Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) cards are also eligible to apply for a student loan at InCred. Certain additional conditions may be required to be met for such applicants and co-signers on a case-specific basis.

Which Destination Countries Are Eligible For InCred Education Loans?

Currently, InCred Student Loans are available for eligible courses in the United States of America and Canada. Depending on the program of study, InCred may also process loan application for other destinations.

Which Courses Do You Fund?

InCred provides education loans for programs at the undergraduate (bachelor), graduate (master) and doctoral levels. Certifications and diplomas are also eligible.

In terms of fields or streams of study or majors or subject areas, InCred has loan options available for all areas.

InCred will process loans only for those courses/institutes which have required approvals, authorizations or accreditation from relevant bodies.

What Is The Minimum And Maximum Amount I Can Borrow?

The absolute maximum amount that you can borrow is the entire cost of attendance as certified or provided by your university for all years of your course. This amount will be capped at INR 1 crores. However, if you are in receipt of a scholarship, grant, fellowship, assistantship or any other form of funding, you will need to deduct that amount from your InCred loan amount.

The minimum loan amount that you can apply for is INR 2 lakhs and the minimum you have to avail is INR 1 lakh.

Am I Eligible To Apply For A Loan If I Don’t Have Admission To A Course Yet?

Yes! You can apply as soon as you receive your standardized test score. If you are not going to take a standardized test, or want to apply prior to that for some reason, then you can start your loan application when you are in the process of short-listing or applying to your universities/colleges.

How Does InCred Evaluate Its Education Loan Applications?

InCred Education Loan leverages on educational and financial data analytics and predictive modeling driven by cutting edge technology to arrive at fully customized loan options for students. A trajectory of the potential income of the student after completing the course is charted that, in conjunction with historical data such as the student’s past academic and career records, co-signer’s credit worthiness, etc. portrays an accurate understanding of the risk involved in the case. This typically implies that the possibility of loan approval and more favorable terms are better if the student and/or the course are better. Availability of collateral security may also improve chances of loan approval in certain cases.

Do You Cover The Entire Cost Of Attendance?

Yes, the entire cost of attendance (COA) as certified by your university or educational institute can be lent by us provided your application meets all loan parameters and requirements. The COA includes the tuition for your course, associated fees, housing, meals, books and laptop, travel, insurance and incidentals.