Rohan Rane, Education Loan Customer

“Living my dream, thanks a lot!” 

After being directed by Nomad team to Tejendra, from Incred, I was a bit on grounds and hopeful that something is going to work up. Incred's system of Loan processing is just amazing and I really like the way you guys make it convenient for customers in various steps. Firstly I'm thankful to Tejendra who alwayys made sure to stay connected with Me and clear all my queries. Also appreciate the way he managed the entire process of loan from receiving documents sent by Me (from USA) to also receiving docs from my parents in Mumbai, India and expediting my case. Also thankful to Rajendra from Incred's mumbai office to make my parents feel comfortable during application process.

Team InCred, you guys are playing a significant role for the success of your customers and helping us live our dream. Many cheers to you.

I am glad to take this opportunity to be a social brand ambassador for you and try my best to promote as much as I can. All the best. You guys rock.